Newsletter March 2013

Well here we are again and another month has flown by!!

Our Feb Fast challenge has finished and what a great response we had, it was very inspiring to see all your dedication to giving up alcohol for a whole month!!

Congratulations to all of you for a job well done and to Victor who lost a whopping 3.2kg in the month!

Our 12 week challenge is well underway and our participants are all doing a wonderful job at staying on track with their eating and exercise regime, there is still time to register for the challenge, and at only $189.00 for non-members and $89.00 for members this deal is too good to miss out on, this covers all gym and classes plus PT sessions and weekly food coaching..

Not long until the Easter Bunny arrives and with that in mind Easter Eggs YUMMO!! While it’s easy to go overboard in the Easter feast, it’s all about balance. Yes, you are allowed your Cadbury Eggs, but remember in moderation and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Have a great Easter and look forward to seeing you all back at the Gym.

Gordon, Kathy and Staff

Nambour Gym healthy easter