Newsletter April 2014

As Easter fast approaches so too comes the annual guilt of chocolate overload!

But do not fear as there are plenty of guilt-free options available that can boost health and offer a feel-good factor too..

DARK CHOCOLATE Easter eggs can have health benefits-

Just go for the dark chocolate which contains high cocoa content.

Dark chocolate is made with a high proportion of cocoa and also contains large amounts of flavonoids, which act as powerful antioxidants and lower blood pressure.

Try to find plain dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content, preferably more than 70%.This means they don’t have too much sugar and saturated fat. 

Don’t Buy Bulk

Only buy a small quantity of good quality chocolate rather than a large amount of poor quality chocolate.

Keep chocolate for Dessert

Eating Easter eggs on an empty stomach will spike sugar levels and in turn create havoc with your hunger and energy levels.

Best to eat after a having a protein-based or high fibre meal.

Choose wholegrain Easter buns

Lots more vitamins and fibre and more filling!

Sharing is caring

If you have an abundance of chocolate this year why not share with friends, family or work colleagues…less temptation having them lying around the house..

Give in to your cravings

Easter is a special occasion and it is ok to eat some chocolate so don’t despair just be aware!

Have a Happy and Safe Easter

Yours in Fitness Gordon, Kathy & Team