Newsletter February 2014

February Newsletter 2014

Here we are already in February, and with all the Xmas and New Year celebrations well and truly over it is now time to think about pulling the belt in a few notches!

Our FEBFAST is now underway with a group of our regular clients having an ALCOHOL FREE MONTH what a great idea!

 There are many benefits to cutting out alcohol …

1.  Weight: Alcohol is heavy on calories. And with 682 calories in an average 13% bottle of wine, cutting down is a great way to stay in shape.

2. Sleep soundly: Drinking less means that you get more high quality shuteye because alcohol interferes with the normal sleep process.

3. Reduce stress Some people say that they drink to relax, but in fact excess alcohol can actually make you feel more stressed because it’s a depressant.

4. Avoid hangovers Keep to the daily unit guidelines and you can kiss goodbye to a sore head, dry mouth and that dreaded “what on earth was I thinking last night?” hangover feeling.

5. Stay healthy for longer Cutting down can be great news for your long-term health. Drinking less alcohol reduces the risks of alcohol-related cancers, diabetes and heart disease. It puts less pressure on the liver too.

   All non drinkers why not try having a sugar free month instead!  E.g. no bikkies, chocolates, icecream or desserts.

Don’t forget to watch those hidden sugars in processed foods including your 99% fat free products!!

So why not try and go for your fresh produce like your lean meat, chicken and fish and with such a variety of fresh vegetables and salads to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

So here’s to a Fabulous Fasting February!!

Good Luck Everybody 

Yours in Fitness Gordon, Kathy & Team