8 Things That Will Actually Make Running Easier

1. Weight training. Specifically the quads and core will benefit you the most, as a runner. The quadriceps are key to lifting your legs off the ground. Here’s a little exercise that can help, and be done at your desk. Put one ankle over the other, then lift and straighten the lower leg 10 times. Do several sets. You’ll feel it just above the knee. Young woman running

2. Take shorter strides. This will make your runs feel easier. A new study out suggests that it can make you run faster and longer. If you shorten your stride when you race, you can increase your sub-maximal
speed and maintain it for a longer period of time, in turn you can run longer and further.

3. Learn how to breathe right. Most runners follow a 2-2 breathing pattern: two steps while breathing n, then 2 steps while breathing out. You can also try 3-2 breathing.  3 steps while breathing in, then out for 2 steps. Figure out what works best for you.

4. Eat more. Many people don’t eat enough to support their running habit. You’ll get fatigued much quicker without adequate calories.

5. Stretching. Once you’ve warmed up after 5-10 minutes stretch, then again after your run. This also helps so you don’t get injured.

6. Follow the 10% rule. Only increase your distance by 10% each week. If you increase your speed quickly you are really prone to an injury. There have been multiple studies done proving that you are less prone to injury increasing your mileage by 10% each week.

7. Start slow. Then pick up the pace as you get warmer. This is a technique used by many elite runners.

8. Wear the right shoes. This is so important. Go to a running store for your shoes. They’ll point you in the right direction. I had a friend who decided to run a marathon last minute. He trained for a few weeks and ran it in his K-Swiss casual shoes. Yes, it’s been years and he’s still dealing with the consequences. Just get the right shoes.


Source – http://homemadebyjaci.com/8-things-that-will-actually-make-running-easier/