3 Tips For Your Gym Routine Before Christmas

With Christmas and the silly season only 6 weeks away now is the time to start thinking about your training routine and to be prepared for the upcoming festivities.

Here are a few simple tips to get you ready.

 1. Set goals before every workout.

Remember little goals are more attainable than bigger goals.

2. Include it all in every workout.

Cardio burns calories and is great for your heart and lungs and reduces stress.

Do some strength training to improve muscle mass and toning.

Don’t forget to stretch to increase flexibility and to reduce injury.

3. Buddy Up.

Exercise with a mate so you can help motivate each other, you will feel obliged to train and not let your friend down.

Make the commitment to meet on a regular basis and try a variety of activities.

Challenge yourself. Challenge each other.

Consistency is the key to success  

Recognise your increased energy levels and improved mood. Acknowledge the fact that you have made working out a priority in your day and throughout the year,

Be proud of yourself; enjoy your success and have a wonderful Christmas.

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Yours in fitness Gordon, Kathy and Staff